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This article will inform the BHP dividend history-related information and dates or provide the BHP financial calendar. we can discuss the BHP dividend and all the historical information about this company.

BHP dividend dates 2022 | BHP dividend history payout

Ex-DatePay DateAmount Franking Rate
24 Feb 202228 Mar 2022208.06c100%
02 Sep 202221 sep 2022273.56c100%
04 Mar 202123 Mar 2021129.78c100%
05 Mar 202024 Mar 202097.13c100%
05 sep 201905 sep 2019114c100%
07 Mar 201926 Mar 201978.08c100%
10 Jan 201930 Jan 2019141c100%
06 Sep 2021825 Sep 2021888.55c100%
08 Mar 201827 Mar 201870.59c100%
07 sep 201726 sep 201752.18c100%
09 Mar 201728 Mar 201753.18c100%
01 Sep 201620 Sep 201618.52c100%
10 Mar 2016312 Mar 201621.37c100%
09 sep 201529 sep 201587.78c100%
11 Mar 201531 Mar 201580.82c100%
03 Sep 201423 Sep 201466.2c100%
11 Mar 201431 Mar 201464.38c100%
02 Sep 201325 Sep 201364.38c100%
04 Mar 201318 Mar 201355.57c100%
03 Sep 201228 Sep 201255.08c100%
27 Feb 201222 Mar 201251.07c100%
05 Sep 201129 Sep 201152.01c100%
07 Mar 2011 31 Mar 201145.01c100%
06 Sep 201030 Sep 201048.65c100%
01 Mar 201023 Mar 201046.47c100%
BHP dividend history payout

This given table provides information taken from the official website of BHP all about the BHP dividend date 2022. BHP dividend 2021 and so on till 2010.

BHP share dividend price ASX

BHP share today price ASX is $45.94, BHP share price ASX is one of the world’s largest mining companies and one of the most diversified natural resource companies. BHP share price ASX is an Australian mining company with headquarters in Melbourne.

It was founded in 1885 and has been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 1917. Its products include coal, copper, gold, oil, uranium, and other minerals. It operates in more than 40 countries around the world and has more than 100,000 employees. The company’s head office is located at 188 Collins Street, Melbourne.

BHP dividend 2022

SummaryPrevious DividendPayment Dates
Status Paid Forecast
Type interimFinal
Par Share2.08 AUDAnnounced
Declaration Date15 Feb 202202 Aug 2022
Ex-dividend date24 feb 202201 Sep 2022
Payment Date28 Mar 202220 Sep 2022

In this Table, the information is related to the BHP dividend 2022, and all the BHP dividends are explained in this table with all information. the main details are declared as expired dividends and payment dates.

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BHP dividend history

BHP is one of the world’s largest and most successful companies. Founded in 1885, the company started as a small mining operation in South Australia.

BHP is a primary international mining, oil, and gas company with a long history. Founded in 1851, the company has since grown to become the world’s biggest miner and one of the most profitable public companies in the world.

BHP dividend history  year graph

The company operates in more than 25 countries across the globe and employs more than 100,000 people. BHP has had a long association with Black Friday, traditionally offering discounts on its products in order to attract more customers.

BHP dividend history  price graph

BHP dividend history Annuals reports

The BHP Annuals dividend history reports are a series of reports that outline the dividends paid by the company over the course of a year.

The reports also feature information about BHP’s share price, market capitalization, and earnings per share.


The Conclusion, from this article, is that all the I formation related to the BHP dividend history and BHP dividend stocks, and other information about BHP dividend stocks along with the company is taken from the official site. I hope you like this article then read more articles like Top 5 Warren Buffett Dividend Stocks picks in 2022 


Will BHP pay a dividend in 2022?

Yes, The company pays dividends to its shareholders every year.

What is the next BHP dividend?

BHP is one of the biggest resource companies in the world. It is a major player in the global mining sector and has a major role in Australia’s economy.

Is BHP a good long-term stock?

Yes, because BHP is one of the biggest resource companies in the world. It is a major player in the global mining sector and has a major role in Australia’s economy.

How often does bhp pay dividends?

BHP is a mining and petroleum company based in Australia. As a publicly-traded company, BHP is required to pay dividends to its shareholders on a regular basis

Is bhp dividend safe?

As a publicly-traded company, BHP is required to disclose information about its financial performance and prospects to the public. However, the safety of a dividend is ultimately determined by the company’s financial health and ability to generate consistent cash flow.

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