10 Option Trading strategy that’ll Double Your Options Returns

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The allure of options trading lies in its potential to unlock explosive returns and hedge against risk. However, for the uninitiated, traversing this labyrinthine market can feel like navigating a fog-shrouded jungle.

Fear not, aspiring option traders! This guide unveils 10 option trading strategy that equip you with the tools to conquer the market and emerge victorious.

1. Long Call & Put Options: The Classics Never Go Out of Style

Imagine peering into a crystal ball and witnessing a tech giant about to release a revolutionary product. Your bullish instincts surge, but are you limited to watching from the sidelines?

Not with long calls! By purchasing call options, you gain the right (but not the obligation) to buy the stock at a predetermined price by a specific date. If your vision materializes, you reap the rewards of soaring stock prices, multiplying your initial investment manyfold.

Long Call & Put Options, option trading strategy
option trading strategy: Long Call & Put Options,

Of course, if the future unveils a damp squib, the crystal ball shards represent your lost premium. The same principle applies to put options, offering profit potential during bearish scenarios.

2. Short Call & Put Options: Selling Options for Income and Hedging

While buying options unlocks the door to unlimited profits, it also comes with the risk of losing your entire investment. But what if you could collect income while potentially owning the underlying asset at a discount?

Enter the world of selling options! Shorting calls involve granting others the right to buy your shares at a set price within a specific timeframe. If the stock price remains stable or dips, you pocket the premium as pure profit.

Short Call & Put Options strategy
Short Call and Put Options Strategy

However, an unexpected surge pushes the price past the strike point, forcing you to sell your shares at a potentially lower price. Similarly, selling puts allows you to collect a premium while potentially acquiring the asset at a discount if the price falls below the strike.

3. Covered Call: Capping Profits for Peace of Mind

Owning shares in a blue-chip company feels like basking on a financial beach, right? But wouldn’t a piña colada of additional income sweeten the deal?

Covered calls offer just that! By selling call options against your existing shares, you generate income while capping your potential upside to the strike price. This strategy is ideal for long-term holdings with limited growth expectations, allowing you to enjoy consistent income while limiting downside risk.

Covered Call strategy
Covered Call strategy

Remember, if the stock soars beyond the strike, you miss out on those extra gains, but the comfort of a steady income stream might just make it worth it.

4. Married Put: A Safety Net for Your Stock Market Honeymoon

Just bought the love of your investment life? A sudden market crash can feel like a honeymoon gone wrong. That’s where married people come in. By simultaneously buying a put option and the underlying asset, you create a safety net against unforeseen downturns.

Married Put option trading strategy
Married Put option trading strategy

The put acts as a financial insurance policy, guaranteeing you the option to sell your shares at a pre-determined price if the market takes a nosedive. While the premium reduces your overall return, it gives you peace of mind and protects your precious investment.

5. Bull Call Spread: Profiting from a Gentle Slope Upwards

Convinced a stock will experience moderate growth but not quite ready to bet on the farm? The bull call spread is your cautious companion. This strategy involves buying a call option with a lower strike price and simultaneously selling another call option with a higher strike price.

Bull Call Spread option trading strategy

Essentially, you’re limiting your profit potential while also capping your risk. If the stock climbs within your designated range, you pocket the difference between the two strike prices minus the premium paid. This strategy shines when you’re confident in a bullish trend but unsure of the exact trajectory.

6. Bear Put Spread: Embracing the Downward Rollercoaster

Do black clouds looming on the market horizon excite your inner contrarian? The bear put spread lets you profit from controlled descent. Similar to the bull call spread, you sell a put option with a lower strike price and buy another with a higher strike price.

Bear Put Spread stock options trading strategies

If the stock plummets as predicted, you profit from the difference between the strike prices and the premium paid. Remember, this strategy thrives on market pessimism, so tread carefully and ensure your bearish hunch has solid footing.

7. Protective Collar: Building a Fort Around Your Investment

Imagine meticulously crafting a sandcastle, only to watch a rogue wave obliterate it. The protective collar shields your precious investment from such market meltdowns. By combining a bought put option with a sold call option, you effectively cap both your upside and downside potential.

Protective Collar strategy
Protective Collar strategy

While this limits your profit potential, it also shields you from significant losses, creating a defined range within which your investment thrives. Think of it as building a sturdy moat around your financial castle, impervious to most market storms.

8. Long Straddle: Betting Big on Uncertainty

Is the market a powder keg ready to explode? The long straddle lets you capitalize on the ensuing fireworks, regardless of the direction. This strategy involves buying both a call and a put option with the same strike price. Essentially, you’re betting on significant movement, be it upwards or downwards.

Long Straddle strategy
Long Straddle

If the market erupts in either direction, your profits can soar beyond the clouds. However, remember, this is a high-risk, high-reward game. If the market remains stubbornly still, your premium evaporates like mist, leaving you empty-handed. Use this strategy only when convinced of impending volatility, and ensure you have the stomach for potentially significant losses.

9. Long Strangle: A Wider Net for Unpredictable Waters

While the long straddle bets on a decisive market move, the long strangle casts a wider net for uncertainty. This strategy involves buying both a call and a put option with different strike prices. Compared to the straddle, it offers a lower cost while still profiting from greater than anticipated movement in either direction.

Long Strangle options trading strategies
Long Strangle options trading strategies

Think of it as fishing with a wider net, increasing your chances of catching a big market swing. However, similar to the straddle, the strangle comes with the risk of premium erosion if the market meanders sideways. Use this strategy when anticipating potential volatility but unsure of the specific direction the market will take.

10. Iron Condor: Forging Profit from Market Stability

Craving consistent income while the market plays tug-of-war? The iron condor might be your perfect match. This advanced strategy involves simultaneously selling a bull call spread and a bear put spread. Essentially, you’re creating a zone of market neutrality where you profit from the lack of significant movement.

Iron Condor strategy
Iron Condor strategy

If the stock price stays within your designated range, you pocket the combined premium from both spreads. However, if the market breaks through your defined zone, you incur losses. This strategy rewards discipline and a keen understanding of market dynamics, making it suitable for experienced traders seeking income generation in range-bound markets.

Navigating the Maze: A Final Word

The world of stock options trading offers a treasure trove of strategies, each with its own unique risk and reward profile. Remember, choosing the right strategy depends on your individual goals, risk tolerance, and market outlook. Thorough research, meticulous risk management, and continuous learning are the keys to unlocking the true potential of this versatile tool.

So, arm yourself with knowledge, choose your weapons wisely, and embark on your own profitable journey through the labyrinthine world of options trading!

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