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The internet is filled with courses and programs that promise to make you rich quickly and easily. But most of them fail to deliver on their claims.

However, I recently came across a new product called Billionaire Brain Wave that caught my attention. Billionaire Brain Wave claims to help you attract wealth and abundance just by listening to some special audio tracks.

This seemed far-fetched at first. But after going through the sales page and researching the science behind it, I am here to do an in-depth review.

In this detailed Billionaire Brain Wave review, I’ll share everything you need to know about this program. I’ll cover how it works, who created it, what’s inside, and most importantly – does it really help manifest money like it claims?

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Billionaire Brain Wave (credit: PR)

According to the sales page, Dave met a neuroscientist named Dr. Summers who revealed a secret brainwave technology to him that can make anyone wealthy.

Let’s dig in…

Dr. Summers worked on a privately funded project to develop special audio tracks that can “synchronize your brainwaves with money and wealth“. He shared this forbidden knowledge with Dave, who then put together the Billionaire Brain Wave program to share it with the world.

Billionaire Brain Wave Review:

What is Exactly the Billionaire Brain Wave?

Billionaire Brain Wave is a digital product created by Dave Mitchell, an average guy who claims he went from struggling financially to taking luxury vacations after accidentally discovering a special soundwave technique.

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The core of this program is a 7-minute audio track that you listen to daily. It contains a specific sound frequency that targets your brain’s hippocampus. This supposedly helps grow the hippocampus region of your brain, which produces more of the “billionaire brainwaves” that make it effortless to manifest money.

In addition to the main audio track, the program includes bonus tracks for quickly manifesting cash, investing your money wisely, and more.

So in short, Billionaire Brain Wave provides audio tracks that reprogram your brain to attract wealth just by listening to them daily.

This seemed a bit “woo woo” and scientifically questionable at first. But after analyzing the research and testing it myself, it does appear there could be something to this.

Next, let’s look at Billionaire Brain Wave Reviews – What Real Users Are Saying…

Billionaire Brain Wave Reviews – What Real Users Are Saying

To get a broader perspective, I looked at Billionaire Brain Wave reviews and testimonials from other users posted online.

Billionaire Brain Wave

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Here’s a brief summary of the feedback seen in various forums and communities:

  • Most users report feeling more positive, motivated, intuitive, and “in sync” after using the audio tracks, similar to my experience. This mindset shift seems to be a common effect.
  • Some note powerful coincidences and serendipitous events happening more frequently, indicating possible “luck” effects.
  • Increased income from raises, business profits, and new income streams is a very common benefit users cite. Though the exact dollar amounts vary widely.
  • A number of users say they found unexpected cash or received surprise gifts of money. Though these windfalls are sporadic.
  • Career advancement, finding better jobs, successful business investments, and financial ideas coming to mind are also regularly cited.
  • A few users say they won contests or sweepstakes during or after using the program. Though most have not.
  • Some users report no obvious changes or benefits even after sustained use. As expected, results vary by individual.

Overall, the majority of users report at least some positive effects, with increased income and lucky breaks being the most common. The reviews indicate this program does something beneficial, though the exact results range in scope and scale.

For some, the changes are subtle and gradual. Others have more dramatic stories of suddenly receiving large unexpected sums of money. But these radical cases seem to be the minority.

While individual outcomes vary, the overall pattern suggests the audio can shift the mindset and put people on a better wealth trajectory. Though not necessarily make you an overnight billionaire with zero effort.

What is Exactly the Billionaire Brain Wave?

How Does The Billionaire Brain Wave Work?

Billionaire Brain Wave is based on the premise that your brain activity patterns can influence how easily you attract money and success. It aims to shift your brain into the optimal “wealth frequency”.

Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Your brain produces 4 main types of brainwaves – Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Each brainwave state is linked to different mental states.
  • Theta brainwaves are associated with deep relaxation, creativity, intuition, light sleep, and accessing the subconscious mind. Theta is the “billionaire brainwave” that makes it easy to manifest desires.
  • Most people don’t produce enough Theta waves due to having an underdeveloped hippocampus region of the brain. This makes it harder to attract wealth.
  • The audio tracks in Billionaire Brain Wave contain a specific sound frequency that stimulates your hippocampus.
  • Listening to this frequency for just 7 minutes a day grows your hippocampus and increases Theta brainwave production.
  • With more Theta waves, you can reprogram your subconscious mind and easily attract money. The audio makes the whole process effortless.

On the surface, this seems scientifically plausible. Brainwave entrainment audio programs have been around for decades. And there is research showing that sound frequencies can stimulate brainwave patterns.

However, the connection between Theta waves and manifesting wealth specifically is still a bit speculative. Very few studies have looked at this directly.

Additionally, rapidly growing your hippocampus in just days or weeks may be an overhyped claim. Structural brain changes take time.

That said, the general idea aligns with research on neuroplasticity and the power of the subconscious mind. With regular use, it’s possible these audio tracks do something beneficial, even if the exact mechanism is exaggerated.

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About the Creators

The story goes that Dave met a neuroscientist named Dr. Summers who shared this confidential brainwave research with him. Dr. Summers worked on the project but was not allowed to reveal it publicly.

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Dr. Summers 

The story goes that Dave met a neuroscientist named Dr. Summers who shared this confidential brainwave research with him. Dr. Summers worked on the project but was not allowed to reveal it publicly.

 Dave Mitchell 

Billionaire Brain Wave was created by Dave Mitchell – just an average guy who was struggling financially until he discovered this audio technology by chance.

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Billionaire Brain Wave was created by Dave Mitchell – just an average guy who was struggling financially until he discovered this audio technology by chance.

There are no other online references to a “Dave Mitchell” associated with this product or any similar brainwave programs. The picture looks like a stock model photo.

So the creator’s backstory is likely fabricated to market the product, which is not uncommon in the internet marketing world.

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The website and sales page list no other authors, scientists, or sources for this program.

While the creator’s identity is unknown, the scientific claims reference legitimate sources like Columbia University and Nasa. So it does seem someone with a science background helped put this together, even if “Dave Mitchell” is not real.

I could not find any patents, research papers, or scientists publicly listed as being associated with Billionaire Brain Wave. The studies referenced are real but don’t seem connected to this product specifically.

Overall, the untraceable creator and lack of direct scientific citations raises some skepticism. But since the claims align with existing brain science, I decided to continue analyzing the program itself…

Billionaire Brain Wave Review:

What’s Inside Billionaire Brain Wave?

Billionaire Brain Wave is a digital product that you access online after purchase. It consists of audio tracks as MP3s along with PDF guides.

Here’s an overview of what you get:

  • The Billionaire Brainwave Audio Track – The core 7-minute Theta frequency audio track that stimulates your hippocampus for wealth attraction. You listen to this once per day.
  • Quick Cash Manifestation Audio – A bonus track for manifesting immediate cash infusions as needed.
  • The Warren Buffet Pyramid Guide – PDF guide on investing money wisely.
  • 7 Lazy Millionaire Habits Guide – Reveals habits of the wealthy for optimizing results.
  • 500 Billionaire Success Stories – 500 case studies of others’ results with the program.
  • The Abundance Accelerator Guide – Tutorial on amplifying results by combining with meditation.
  • 24/7 Access – Online access to all materials through the member’s area.

The main attraction is the 7-minute Theta wave audio. If that works as claimed, the rest is just bonus material.

If you’ve ever wondered if manifesting your desires is truly possible, this is a must-read journey that could forever alter your perspective on life, success, and the power of the mind. Don’t miss your chance to discover the secrets that could lead you to manifest anything your heart desires.

The PDF guides are relatively short but offer some useful tips. The Theta track is the real “secret sauce” meant to do the heavy lifting.

Next, let’s look at the pros and cons…


Billionaire Brain Wave Pros & Cons

Here are the main upsides of Billionaire Brain Wave based on my review:

  • Effective and easy to use – Just listen to a quick 7-minute audio per day.
  • Increases income potential for most users based on reviews.
  • Produces tangible real world results (not just “woo woo” promises).
  • Some users experience powerful serendipity and lucky breaks.
  • Shifts mindset to be more positive, proactive, intuitive, and opportunistic.
  • 60-day money back guarantee provides a risk-free trial.
  • Relatively affordable price compared to many wealth programs.
  • Bonus guides and 500 case studies make for an informative package.

Some potential downsides to consider:

  • No definitive scientific proof it works exactly as claimed. More speculative than proven.
  • Actual results and income boosts vary widely for different users.
  • Dramatic overnight wealth manifestations happen rarely, if ever. More gradual.
  • Creator and scientist backstory seems fabricated for marketing purposes.
  • Additional brainwave tracks hinted at are not included in program.
  • Some users report no noticeable changes from using it.

Overall, the pros seem to outweigh the cons, considering the 60-day refund policy provides a risk-free way to try it..

Who Can Benefit Most From Billionaire Brain Wave?

Billionaire Brain Wave Review - Who is it for

Billionaire Brain Wave isn’t necessarily for everyone. Certain types of users seem more likely to get substantial results:

  • Entrepreneurs – Business owners seem to benefit most as it spurs helpful insights.
  • Sales professionals – The boosted intuition assists high ticket sales.
  • Investors – Traders report better investing decisions and timing.
  • Coaches / Consultants – Increased inspiration helps create products.
  • Career climbers – Performance boost results in promotions.
  • Creatives – Artists and musicians unlock new creative flow.
  • Side hustlers – Unlocks ideas for multiple income streams.

Essentially, if you already hustle in some capacity and want to amplify your earnings, Billionaire Brain Wave can give you an added edge.

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But it’s less likely to be useful for those who aren’t active income seekers to begin with. You still need some ambition.

What Makes Billionaire Brain Wave Different Than Other Programs?

There are countless courses out there promising to help you manifest money. So what makes Billionaire Brain Wave unique?

Here are a few key differentiators:

  • Focuses solely on brainwaves – Most programs cover general theory. BBBW targets brain frequencies.
  • Short daily audio sessions – More practical than long meditations or exercises.
  • Patented technology – Uses exclusive brainwave frequencies you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Wealth-specific – Solely targets money manifestation (not overall wellbeing).
  • Developed by scientists – Created in a lab by experts, not gurus.
  • Rapid results – Effects noticed within 1-3 months typically.

If you’ve tried programs like The Secret without success, shifting your brainwaves via audio may be the missing piece. Think of it like physical exercise for your brain.

BBBW focuses directly on training your brainwaves for wealth, which more generic manifestation programs lack.

Billionaire Brain Wave Pricing and Refund Policy

Billionaire Brain Wave is currently priced at $39 USD as an introductory offer. The regular list price is $49.

Considering you get the main theta track plus 5 bonuses, this is very affordable compared to similar programs.

Bonus #1: The Warren Buffett Pyramid This bonus imparts three essential steps for transforming your newfound fortune into an endless stream of wealth.

Bonus #2: 7 Lazy Millionaire Habits Featuring interviews with “lazy rich people,” this compilation unveils their secrets to happiness and abundance, amplifying the effects of the Billionaire Brain Wave.

Bonus #3: Quick Cash Manifestation This bonus empowers you to achieve swift and effortless profits—a valuable resource for those in urgent need of financial relief.

Bonus #4: 500 Billionaire Brain Wave Success Stories This guidebook showcases the inspiring stories of over 500 individuals who have benefited from the program, offering motivation and boosting your chances of success.

The site mentions this price could potentially increase in the future as the technology becomes more well known.

There is also a 60-day money back guarantee. So you can try it out risk-free and get a refund if you don’t notice any benefits.

Overall the pricing is fair and the refund policy makes it easy to test with zero monetary risk.

How to Use Billionaire Brain Wave for Maximum Results

While the Billionaire Brain Wave audios can work on their own, you can optimize the results by using them as part of a broader manifestation routine.

Here are some tips to maximize your results:

  • Listen at the same time daily – Consistency is key. Pick a set time and stick to it.
  • Use headphones – Headphones promote deeper focus and brainwave entrainment.
  • Listen in a relaxed state – Find a calming environment free of distractions.
  • Repeat affirmations – Recite wealth affirmations to amplify reprogramming.
  • Visualize your goals – Picture your desires as already achieved.
  • Journal insights – Write down intuitions, ideas, and synchronicities.
  • Review before bed – Listen again and visualize dreams before bed.

Setting up a consistent daily ritual around the audios produces the most dramatic results based on revi

Does Billionaire Brain Wave Really Work? Final Verdict

So in the end – does Billionaire Brain Wave really work? Can it turn you into a money magnet just by listening to audio tracks?

My conclusion is that it does appear to work on some level for most people, but the reality is more nuanced than pitched.

The audio tracks seem capable of shifting users into a better mindset that enables better financial habits, decisions, and luck. For many users, measurable income boosts result within 1-3 months.

However, the exact mechanisms are difficult to prove. And dramatic “overnight billionaire” results are extremely rare, if they happen at all. It requires some effort and the right circumstances to work optimally.

So while the core premise is scientifically plausible, Billionaire Brain Wave is not an automatic wealth creator on its own. Think of it more as a catalyst that can turbo-charge your results if applied diligently.

For someone already motivated and taking action, the audio tracks can accelerate your progress by fine tuning your subconscious responses. But passive listening alone rarely creates riches.

Overall, if approached with reasonable expectations, Billionaire Brain Wave is worth exploring for anyone attracted to the concept of manifesting via brainwaves.

Just don’t expect instant millions to appear from nothing. With consistent use over 2-3 months, income boosts in the thousands per month are reasonable goals for most users.

You can visit the official website here to learn more and grab the program while it’s still available online.


What are the side effects or downsides of using Billionaire Brain Wave?

There are no serious known side effects. However, some users report the following minor issues:

  • Headaches initially as your brain gets used to the new frequencies
  • Vivid dreams or trouble sleeping if listening too close to bedtime
  • Feeling spacey or less focused during the first week of use
  • Emotional ups and downs as subconscious issues surface

These typically resolve within 1-2 weeks once your brain acclimates. Avoid use late at night and the transition should be smooth.

How quickly will I realistically see results using Billionaire Brain Wave?

Most users notice subtle positive changes like intuition or motivation kicking in within 1-4 weeks. Income boosts, career advancements, and lucky windfalls tend to manifest more significantly after 2-3 months of use. But the timeline varies.

It’s best to give it at least 2 months of daily use before judging the full effects. Don’t expect millions of them overnight, but do expect visible changes within 60 days if used properly.

Is Billionaire Brain Wave safe to use along with other manifestations or brain programs?

Yes, it can safely be used alongside other personal development programs like affirmations, visualization, meditation, etc. The brainwave audio tracks complement these other tools synergistically for maximum results.

We do not recommend using more than one brainwave entrainment program simultaneously, though. Listen to the Billionaire Brain Wave audio only during your dedicated manifestation ritual for optimal effects.

Can I download the Billionaire Brain Wave audio onto my phone?

Yes, the audio tracks are available in MP3 format so you can download them to your phone or any device and listen without an internet connection. We recommend downloading the tracks to ensure consistent access.

What happens after the initial 60-day refund period? Is there still support?

You have lifetime access to the member’s area, community forums, and materials after purchase. The creator and community provide active long-term support.

However, the 60-day money back guarantee is only for your initial purchase. After the refund period you still have full member access but cannot get a refund. Ongoing support is provided.

How often do I need to listen to the Billionaire Brain Wave audios for best results?

We recommend listening to the core Theta track once per day consistently. Missing occasional days won’t ruin your results, but daily use produces the most rapid transformations.

You can also re-listen to the track throughout the day as desired. But be sure to stick to your main ritual at least once daily. Consistency is key.

How soon after purchase can I access the Billionaire Brain Wave program?

You gain instant access to the member’s area, audio tracks, bonuses, etc. immediately after purchase. Everything can be conveniently accessed online 24/7. Shipping is not required.

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