Spain busts hackers running asylum black market🤯😲

 👮‍♂️ Spanish police have arrested 69 hackers for using bots to obtain open time slots for the country online asylum booking system and reselling the appointments to asylum seekers for €200 each.

 🤖 The hackers automated software system was able to break through the asylum site’s measures to identify bots and take “practically all” of the appointments throughout the country.

 💰 During raids, police found over €200,000 in cash and confiscated documents. The intermediaries, lawyers, 

 and advisers were aware of the existence of a hack and of the problems they were causing to foreigners.

 🕵️‍♂️ The police also arrested the four alleged leaders of the gang responsible in both Barcelona and Valencia.

 🌐 Bots are becoming increasingly more common, providing hackers with a new-age way to get through online security measures.

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