By: John Derric

KSI Quits?! Speed Sheds Tears! Hilarious Spar Ends with Shocking Twist 

KSI and IShowSpeed agreed to a charity sparring match on December 15, 2023 

the same day as Jake Paul’s fight against Andre August.

The match was streamed on IShowSpeed’s YouTube channel for free.

All the donations went to the Anthony Walker Foundation, a charity that fights racism 

KSI dominated the match from the start, landing several punches on IShowSpeed, who struggled to defend himself .

In the third round, KSI delivered a knockout blow to IShowSpeed.

who fell to the canvas and started crying.

KSI apologized to IShowSpeed and hugged him.

saying that he was proud of him for stepping into the ring.

KSI also called out Jake Paul, saying that he was ready to face him next and end their feud once and for all.